Thursday, September 25, 2008


Joshua's assignment (among others, but this one begged to be shared) was to write five sentences using plural nouns. The sentences were the fill in the blank type so I will capitalize the words he chose for his sentences.

1. You can see many JEDI on the farm.
2. The ALIENS take good care of them.
3. The STARS are clucking loudly in the barn.
4. In the fields you will see VAMPIRES.
5. Two SPIDERS were following a sheep.

I can only imagine what a public school teacher would have said about these sentences. I should count myself lucky he didn't write his answers in Hut...


CooksonMom said...

I LOVE this! I see these sentences in my future!! Go Joshy!!

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

Hahahahahahaha...that's too funny! Especially the JEDI one. Well, I can say this, he know how to use plural nouns in a sentence. Thanks for stopping by blog.