Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Joshua runs into the living room from Sissy's bedroom, where they had both been chatting and playing.
"Mama!" he calls as he enters the living room.
"What do you do when you get slobber in your mouth?" he dances around as he asks. Agitated much, son?
"It was YOUR slobber, right?" Now you knew I had to ask. He nods.
"Sissy threw me out of her room for swallowing my own spit!"
Umm...huh? Guess we are ALL grounded from Sissy's room then.

Would it have somehow been less gross if he'd spit it out in her bedroom floor? lol
So yes, I had to explain to him that saliva was supposed to be swallowed...and then yes, I did clarify that YOU were supposed to swallow only YOUR saliva.

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