Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hut Update

We went on a field trip with our homeschool group to a pizza parlor. The kids got to make their own pizzas and tour the kitchens. It was very cool. My sweet husband had the day off and had gone with us. He, unfortunately, got called in to work. Both of us thought it was a quick fix. he'd be gone an hour and back again for dessert. Nope. 2 hours later, my friend offered us a ride home. I eagerly accepted wanting to give her the opportunity to show off her new minivan that she is so proud of anyhow. =)
She has an adorable daughter who is about 4 now. This child has the most excellent vocabulary I have ever seen on someone so young. Joshua sat next to her, and right behind my friend and I.
The two of them were chattering at each other and then I hear....CLICKS and GIBBERISH!!
"JOSHUA DAVID!" I yell over my shoulder, "Don't you DARE teach that child Genosian!"
"Aw, Mom...just a little bit of Hut maybe?"
"No, You will NOT teach anyone any alien languages!" and there was a deep, sad sigh from behind us.
My friend laughed and laughed. Hmph. Wouldn't have been so funny if her Lilbird had been speaking Hut or Genosian for the next month! hehe

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