Friday, August 15, 2008

Bookstore Trip

Tonight after dinner we went to visit one of our favorite places, the bookstore. Joshua grabbed a couple of Spiderman comics to read while we drank some overpriced coffee and perused magazines. He got very excited to discover that one of the comics had members of the Greek Pantheon in the story including Cerberus. Cerberus, the three headed dog from the Greek Underworld was also featured in the Time Warp Trio that Joshua is currently reading. He thinks that having a Cerberus puppy would ROCK. Naturally. =P

So later, as we gathered up what books we intended to purchase and returned the others to the shelves, Joshua begged and begged Daddy for those comics. Daddy said that Joshua was already getting Magic Tree House's Hour of the Olympics and one book was quite enough. Out came the lip. Joshua's whole little boy body sagged in pout. His little blonde head drooped, his arms hung listlessly by his sides. He plodded ahead of us in defeat.
"But, Daddy, they took the Underworld dogs to a DOG SHOW!" he whined, while trying not to, under his breath..." a dog show...I love Cerberus," and he sighed heavily. I looked at his Daddy and laughed as Daddy snuck one of the comics into our to be purchased book pile. I leaned over and whispered to my husband, "YOUR son is whining about CERBERUS, three headed protector of the Greek Underworld." I got a glare as he determinedly went to pay for our books, including the comic with Cerberus and Orthus at the dog show.

Then we began the half hour drive home. Joshua looked through the bag and discovered his surprise with unrestrained joy. So we had a delighted Joshua for the ride home.

Joshua: "Look Sissy, stars! Let's wish on a star!"
Sissy: "I wish Joshua would be quiet on the way home."
Joshua: "No, no if you say it out loud it won't come true!"
Joshua: "No, you aren't doing it right!" He dropped his voice to a whisper...
"You have to be sure to talk quietly so no one can hear you, like this, see?"
Sissy: "Joshua. I can still hear you."

Joshua wrinkles his nose and looks up at the stars then closes his eyes and wishes for something. Then his eyes pop open and he leans towards his sister.
Joshua, excitedly: "Guess what, Sissy! I just wished you had super powers!"
Sissy sighs wryly, "Great, thanks, now I WON'T get super powers."
Joshua laughs and goes back to wishing. Then his eyes pop open again excitedly.
Joshua: "Mama! Guess what I wished for you! Guess!" He bounces in the backseat.
Sissy smacks him lightly on the leg, "If you tell, it won't come TRUE!" she admonishes. "I'm not gonna TELL," he responds with glee, "I am gonna make her GUESS."
Daddy and I try not to laugh in the front seat.
I turn my head towards him and say, "I don't want to guess and ruin your wish, honey."
He sighs. He fidgets. He gazes out the car window at the stars. He fidgets some more. Then he says, "Well, okay, but when you wake up in the morning, if you know funny...or different somehow...will you tell me?"

Great. I'm gonna get super powers....

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acemom said...

So ... how ya feeling this morning? ROFLMAO! I love you guys!